Date of publication
January 2021
Meet the Artist
Rachel Goodyear – Why I Draw

On Artspace, to accompany the release of Vitamin D3 – Today's Best in Contemporary Drawing published by Phaidon
January 2021
In conversation – Rachel Goodyear and Professor Patricia Allmer
As part of Leeds Arts University solo exhibition (postponed due to Covid-19) curated by Dr Catriona McAra and to co-incide with the launch of Corridor 8 publication Rachel Goodyear - Of Wolves and Wild Women
December 2020
Limina – interview with Rachel Goodyear
York Mediale, to accompany new commission Limina as part of Human Nature
November 2020
The Women Who Run With the Wolves
The Henry Moore Institute, 2020, presentations and live discussions with Dr Catriona McAra, Hannah Buckley and Dr Mayako Murai. 'This event brings together a diverse range of speakers to discuss the Henry Moore Institute's exhibition, Paloma Varga Weisz: Bumped Body, in dialogue with Clarissa Pinkola Estés' renowned cult classic and revisionary feminist study, Women Who Run with the Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman (1992).'
March 2019
Dorothea Tanning: A Family Portrait
Tate Modern, 2019,
'Considering Tanning's particular fascination with mothers, fathers, domestic space and female sexuality, this event aims to broaden our understanding of Tanning's work and Surrealism through the lens of these themes. Speakers include artist Rachel Goodyear, curator Catriona McAra and ​Ami Bouhassane, curator and trustee at Lee Miller Archives & The Penrose Collection. The panel discussion is chaired by the exhibition's co-curator Alyce Mahon.'
October 2016
Peeling Back the Wallpaper of the Psyche : On Rachel Goodyear's Approaching the Surface, Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London.
written by Philomena Epps
September 2014
Rachel Goodyear: Liminal Truths From An Artist And Patient
The Double Negative
written by Alice Hughes
17th June 2013
Rachel Goodyear : Creatures of the Night
written by Sara Jaspan
November 2009
Essay commissioned by Northern Art Prize 2009 to accompany exhibition
written by Nigel Walsh
August 2009
Guardian Newspaper. Chosen as 'Artist of the Week
written by 'Jessica Lack
August 2009
Corridor8 Contemporary Visual Art and Drawing First Ed. Annual 2010
April 2009
Essay commissioned by Houldsworth Gallery to accompany, the converging ends were misaligned
written by Morgan Falconer
January 2009
Essay commissioned by The International 3 to accompany, they never run, only call
written by Angela Kingston
Dec. 2008 - Jan 2009, No. 753
The Big Issue in the North
written by Matthew Badham
March 2008, Issue 20
Art Review
written by Laura Allsop
Drawing Links catalogue
written by Paulette Terry Brien
Summer 2005
Untitled magazine
written by Dave Beech


In Conversation: Andrea Tarsia and Rachel Goodyear – Pippy Houldsworth Gallery 2012

In Conversation about Drawing:
Gavin Delahunty, Tate Liverpool, Dr Tobias Burg, Museum Folkwang,
Rachel Goodyear and Ruth Claxton – Pippy Houldsworth Gallery 2011

Rachel Goodyear